Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Pharmaceutical cold rooms are an important piece of equipment utilised by pharmaceutical companies to keep stocks of prescribed drugs, vaccines, and blood samples. To protect the stock, a certain temperature must be maintained in a specific range, ensuring quality and drug effectiveness is maintained. Typical Pharmaceutical cold rooms range between refrigeration at 0-10 degrees or frozen between -15 – -40 degrees.

Any compromise in the quality in stock inventory can have severe impacts on patients, so it is important to invest in a pharmaceutical cold room that is reliable.

Typical pharmaceutical cold rooms usually hold between 4 to 20 pallets but if you need larger it is worth looking at a custom-built design. Having a bespoke cold room design ensures it is the perfect size to accurately cater for the size you need with convenient access and extra width.

Designing a Pharmaceutical Cold Room

When designing a pharmaceutical cold room, it is critical that humidity and air pressure are key considerations. Some substances easily become unstable if there is even a slight temperature variation, so having good quality control and intensive monitoring is essential.

A well-made pharmaceutical cold room will have two independent refrigeration units. One will be actively controlling the temperature, the other acting as a backup if the first one fails. Most also have a basic alarm system integrated for security – more advanced access control can be incorporated into the design if the stock needs to be protected.