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Ergonomic Furniture

Using ergonomic accessories to improve positioning

There are different ways you can improve your employee’s ergonomic positioning through ergonomic furniture. As we know, sitting comfortably and maintaining the correct posture throughout the working day is vital to improving their productivity and reducing work relate injury. However, the chairs and the desks can be very expensive, more so than just a normal new office set. Luckily, there are a range of ergonomic accessories, such as monitor arms, at a cheaper cost which can have a similar effect in improving employee wellbeing. We have compiled a list of ergonomic accessories that can hugely benefit your work environment.

Task Lighting

One key ergonomic furniture feature is task lighting which allows employees to change the positioning of the lamp to precisely their required height and angle. These are joined in two places to allow you to move your light easily and contain lights that are chosen to place a little strain on the eyes.

As an added benefit to you as an employer, using LED light reduces costs and benefits the environment making your office a green, and cost-effective space.


Purchasing your employees footstools encourages them to constantly move their feet, improving their circulation and encouraging them to find the best ergonomic position. If the footstool is adjustable and set at the right level, you should be able to encourage ergonomic sitting from simply placing your feet on the stool.

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Monitor arms

Probably the best thing you can buy without getting additional ergonomic furniture is a computer monitor arm. There are three key types that will be highlighted below:

  • Standard monitor arms – the cheapest of the three, these must be installed at the correct height and cannot be altered for different employees. However, they do have the option of changing the angle that the screen is facing.
  • Modular monitor arms – slightly more power to adjust than the standard arm. This gives the user more freedom including height ability which means they can be adjusted from employee to employee and are great for hot desks.
  • Gas-powered monitor arms – fingertip adjustment which looks sleek and takes on a modern feel, perfect for a modern, state-of-the-art office.