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With the work landscape of the UK constantly shifting and businesses growing and becoming increasingly more complex, the role of management is ever changing and developing. In this blog post, we will be talking you through what happened to Marcel, the employee who completely transformed the hotel he worked at. Marcel was on YouTube one day and watched a video that changed his working life. You can watch the video below and then read how Marcel got his dream promotion. Spoiler alert: it was all by suggesting data science solutions to his boss.

Marcel’s workplace, a hotel mainly used for weddings, was plagued with short term employees. People who stayed for six to twelve months and then moved on. For the life of him, Marcel couldn’t understand why people weren’t staying having been at the hotel for his entire working life. But this was just something in the back of his mind. Marcel wasn’t a manager, just a chef who loved his job.

One thing you need to know about Marcel is that when he cooks, he watches YouTube meaning he can get a bit lost, viewing videos that he would never find otherwise. This is the only way Marcel chanced upon the video above. With this video, he transformed the hotel he’d worked at since he was sixteen.

The video highlighted the benefit of data science solutions to all businesses. The thing that jumped out to Marcel was hearing about how data science solutions can be used to analyse trends and data given by employees to help design a solution to improve your business. Instantly Marcel thought about the main problem he had at his job.  Marcel would just make friends with the new chef in the kitchen or just work up the courage to ask the new waitress on a date when they would leave. He asked himself: how could he use his discovery to his advantage?

After his shift ended, Marcel went straight to his manager to show him the short video on data science solutions. The manager was impressed and decided to work side by side with Marcel to implement data science solutions at the hotel. It was discovered that people were leaving because of the unsociable shift times and a lack of flexibility. The manager tasked Marcel, the hotel’s most loyal employee, with creating a new work timetable that considered employees.

Since Marcel’s timetable was implemented two years ago, only three employees have left and two of those are because of retirement. Marcel has changed the face of the company and has been greatly rewarded as he is now the kitchen manager. He still watches his YouTube videos however, just in case he gets another stroke of luck.